About Me

I am a Research Software Developer (Quantum Algorithms) at Cambridge Quantum in Cambridge, UK. I obtained my doctorate degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in Theoretical Particle Physics at the Technische Universität München.

I have been programming computers for over 30 years, starting on the Commodore VIC-20, and switching quickly to it’s successor, the legendary Commodore 64. At age 9 I joined the local computer club CICI, which was founded by a group of Commodore 64 enthusiasts, but soon also embraced other models and brands.

Since the 1990’s I am focused on the PC, being at home with Linux, Windows and Mac. I have worked professionally on the C#/.NET/Azure platform, Kotlin/Spring Boot/AWS as well as React and Angular for many years. Currently, the core area of my work is Quantum Computing with Python.

In my spare time I do long distance running, bouldering, hiking in the mountains, foosball and cooking.

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